Reusable Dry Ice packs | Dry ice wraps | Dry Ice sheets

Reusable 4 ply Dry ice sheets  are a unique dry ice replacement ice pack that are made by thermally fusing 4 layers of materials ie.. 2 layers of Plastic + 2 layers of textile and in the core its filled with a super absorbent post treated polymer. The Micro perforation in the plastic sheets allows water through the plastic layer and the textile and reacts with the polymer which becomes a gel. This gel can stay frozen for up to 7 times longer than ice making them the best ice replacement in the market.

Reusable Dry ice packs can be used as both hot and cold packs. They have a wide range of applications including hot therapy ice packs, Shoulder pain ice packs, Knee pain ice packs, Cold therapy ice packs, Muscle pain ice packs, First Aid ice packs. These Dry ice packs can keep things frozen for really long periods and hence they make perfect ice packs for camping trips, Keeping insulin cold ...etc

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Disposable Dry ice packs | Dry Ice Sheets | Dry ice wraps

Disposable Dry ice wraps are the first generation dry ice sheets that were made before the reusable models . These Disposable dry ice wraps are cost effective and long lasting replacements for dry ice , wet ice and even gel packs. These are very economical to freight because of the light weight and easy to store. These dry ice packs are made by thermal fusing a layer of plastic and textile , 2 ply meaning just 2 layers of materials with the polymer in the core of the ice pack. The water is absorbed by the polymer through the textile and the polymer hydrates to a gel coolant that can keep your produce frozen through out your shipment. These dry ice sheets are perfect for business for food delivery , seafood and meat export , Cold chain deliveries incl pharmaceutical deliveries etc.. These Ice packs have wide range of applications in Cold transport including keeping flowers chilled during the transport.

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Cold Chain Dry ice packs Applications


Dry Ice packs have a wide range of applications for both commercial and Domestic applications. These ice packs are both hot and cold dry ice packs which allows the customer to use the same ice pack for both hot and cold applications.

Commercially these icepacks are widely used in seafood export, Meat export, Online Food Delivery, Online Grocery Delivery, Supermarket chains for keeping produce chilled for transport, Chilled wine delivery to name a few. For Hot packs,  they are widely used in cold climates for keeping the delivery warm. For Domestic Applications, These make per

For Domestic Applications, These make perfect First Aid ice packs which can be used as a hot pack as well as a cold pack. These ice packs are also used in school lunch boxes, in the iceboxes as a cold pack during hot climates and as a heat, pack to keep soup and food warm during the cold climates. These Ice packs also have infinite applications including keeping pets cool during extreme heat waves and warm during the winter months.

Dry ice packs

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