Reusable and Disposable Dry ice packs

Reusable and Disposable Dry ice packs come like a flat paper and they are activated once they are immersed in warm water. This ice pack once its hydrated can be frozen or heated to be used as a hot pack or a cold pack. The special polymer makes these ice packs keep cold or hot for a really long duration. The Reusable Dry ice packs are predominantly used for in-house commercial cold applications thus saving many companies millions of dollars besides reducing the water consumption. The Disposable Dry ice packs are perfect replacements for ice, They don't leave any watery mess behind. They are widely used for cold deliveries or even to keep things like chocolates cool during extreme weather conditions

First Aid Instant Ice packs and Heat packs

Instant ice packs and Instant Heat packs are predominantly used as First Aid packs. They are easily activated by just punching the little water packet inside the ice pack and thus the water reacts with the chemicals to become cold. The Instant Heat packs work similarly and can keep hot from anywhere between a few hours to 20 hours. These Packs are a must have if you have little children at home and can really soothe the pain if they have the minor bumps whilst running around the home. There are various commercial applications for the instant heat packs, They are widely used by night shift workers, Cold storage workers, Defence departments, Emergency rescue teams etc.

Phase Change Material Gel Bricks

PCM Gel bricks are ice bricks which are made from various Phase Change Materials which can alter the freezing point of the gel bricks thus making these gel bricks maintain the temperature for really long time at the calibrated temperature The PCM gel bricks come in various temperature ranges, Ranging from -30C PCM Gel bricks, - 25 PCM Gel bricks, -21 PCM Gel bricks, - 18 C PCM Gel bricks, -15 PCM Gel bricks, -10 PCM gel bricks. There are also positive temperature PCM gel bricks which can keep things at positive temperatures like 2 to 8 Degree C. These Phase change bricks have a wide range of applications and most commonly used in Pharmaceutical industries.

Bubble ice pack

Bubble Gel Ice packs

Bubble Ice packs are made with a layer of Bubble wrap to ensure the cold temperature in the ice pack doesn't freeze the specimen or the payload, but also maintaining the temperature within the shipper. These are commonly used for Seafood export and Pharmaceutical specimen transport.

Gullet Ice pack

Tuna Gullet ice packs are narrow ice packs that are specifically designed this way to keep the fish frozen from inside out. These gullet packs are inserted inside the fish when they are caught fresh and shipped to the customer with the icepack inside as well as ice packs on the outside to keep them fresh.

Tuna Gullet ice pack

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